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Single Family Apartment



Flowers are among the closest form of nature, and now that we are all spending a lot of time at home, it is important to feel close to nature for better productivity and health. A flower (Hana in Japanese) based on every individual’s personality in the family was chosen for their personal spaces and colour palette was selected based off the flowers. For the heads of family, Blue Hydrangea was chosen as this flower represents gratitude, grace and generosity. Hydrangeas are also found in a bunch. A parent has a bunch of roles in a family- thus reflecting the character of this flower. The Green Dahlia is a symbol of new beginning, symbolizing freshness, adventure and strength. This flower is chosen for the daughter as she will soon begin a new chapter in life. Orange Gerberas Daisy are associated with enthusiasm and energy, thus perfect for the growing twins. The Yellow Rose symbolises friendship and joy. Yellow is a perfect welcoming color and thus chosen for the living room. 

Project in Collaboration with Tushar Thakur. 

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